Best of Australia Quilts

The 2014 Best of Show quilts from each Australian state were judged against each other at AQC with the winner announced at the AQC Gala Dinner on Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2015 Bernina Australian National Quilt Award:  Linda White (VIC) with her quilt, Elenor Jean

 Each and every piece is a beauty! See them displayed together exclusively at the Craft & Quilt Fairs as they tour Australia in 2015.

Read more about the quilts below… and click on any detail image to see a slideshow of all the quilts.

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Through the Garden Gate by Rose Lewis Best of Show: Canberra Quilters Inc, Members’ Exhibition 2014
Through the Garden Gate by Rose Lewis

This quilt depicts Rose’s front garden, as it is in spring. She has heavily trapuntoed all the appliqué and most of the quilting; all sewing have been done on a domestic machine. Look for snails, wrens, ladybirds, spider webs…

Coxcomb and Currants by Janet Treen Best of Show: The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc, Sydney Quilt Show 2014
Coxcomb and Currants by Janet Treen

This quilt is the third in a series of red and green quilts I am making for my grand children, It’s my interpretation of an antique quilt made by an unknown quilter from the mid 19th century. My husband was unsuccessful in purchasing it so I had to make my own. It includes all of my favourite techniques and was a joy to make from start to finish.

Chinese Coins For Tigers by Elizabeth McCallum Best of Show: Alice Springs Quilting Club, TQ14
Chinese Coins For Tigers by Elizabeth McCallum

Chinese Coins For Tigers by Elizabeth McCallum. My admiration for this form of quilt started many years ago when a friend asked my business partner and me to help her choose borders for a quilt which used the same pattern. This is the second one I have made, the first having been given away for a worthy cause. So began the traumas. Another set of black and white strips were tea dyed to reduce the starkness of the white. A muddy beige brown resulted and I tried to reduce the effect of the colour. A nightmare of the first order and one which I don’t wish to emulate again. The stash was raided and many hours of cutting and stitching followed. The tigers I found in Darwin as an alternative to a large bold floral type pattern. Not being my usual colour range I found this Quilt difficult to finish. What amazes me is the number of people who do not know that Tigers come from the Asian area of the world, hence the name.

Summer Rhapsody by Joanne Johnson Best of Show: Queensland Quilters Inc, Queensland Quilt Show 2014
Summer Rhapsody by Joanne Johnson

Summer Rhapsody is a medallion style quilt incorporating hand appliqué and hand piecing. The Inspiration for the basket came from a quilt by Kim McLean. I redrew the design much smaller and added more appliqué. Then I designed appliqué and pieced borders. Fabrics used were selections of Kaffe Fasset.

A Touch of Blue Rachelle Denneny Best of Show: Quilters’ Guild of South Australia Inc, Festival of Quilts 2014
A Touch of Blue Rachelle Denneny

This is the second large whole-cloth I have made using free motion embroidery and trapunto to enhance the design. I love the dimension – it adds to the finished quilt.

Heavens Above by Sue Domeney Best of Show: Tasmanian Quilting Guild Inc, Island Quilts 2014
Heavens Above by Sue Domeney

Heavens Above is the second in my Fireworks series. The individual spots of the fireworks were painted using acrylic paints, and then machine stitched over each, constantly changing colour threads. Around the fireworks, the background machine quilting was tiny swirls and spirals with metallic thread, and the “border” around it all was of machine quilting in a pebble design. A few hot crystals and some sparkle paint spots were added to give the twinkly effect of the night sky behind the fireworks. The night sky being infinite, the edge treatment is serged, allowing no boundary to the visual effect.

Elenor Jean by Linda White Best of Show: Victorian Quilters’ Inc, Quilt Showcase 2014
Elenor Jean by Linda White

An original design comprised of approximately 22,500 x ¼” hexagons. My quilt is named after my maternal grandmother Elenor Jean Scouller. This is my second hexagon quilt. One quilt into two daughters did not go!!

Perseverance Squared by Melodie Symes Best of Show: The West Australian Quilters Association Inc, Quiltwest 2014
Perseverance Squared by Melodie Symes

This quilt was begun during a dark period of my life when I needed a project, however, I had no idea it would take 10 years to complete. It challenged me in so many ways but helped me to persevere and finish it. Entirely made by hand it contains nearly 10,000 x 1″ squares. Perseverance has now been replaced by love and contentment.