Expertise Events are the market leaders in craft events. Our brands cover Australia and New Zealand and deliver a qualified audience of craft buyers. Since 1993, our craft events have inspired visitors to do more craft, to learn new skills and to enter competitions and challenges, and most of all to come along and shop!

Join us to give your craft business the boost you need – find new customers and come face to face with qualified craft buyers. When you exhibit with us, we can assist you by supplying marketing support material: free flyers, web listing, visitor guide listing, web buttons and more, all designed to drive traffic to your stand.

For each of our craft events, you will also have the opportunity to be included in advertising and promotion to our extensive craft qualified database, promoting your products and business before, during and after the event.

Please contact us for further details:

Joann Khosh-KharamJo.KhoshKharam@expertiseevents.com.au
or phone 02 9452 7533 (outside Australia +61 2 9452 7533)

Jenelle Tesorierojenelle.tesoriero@expertiseevents.com.au
or phone 02 9452 7524 (outside Australia +61 2 9452 7524)

Alison Fredericksalison.fredericks@expertiseevents.com.au
or phone 02 9452 7558 (outside Australia + 61 2 9452 7558)

Kristina Porteous: kristina.porteous@expertiseevents.com.au
or phone 02 9452 7503 (outside Australia + 61 2 9452 7503)

Natalie Poulson: natalie.poulson@expertiseevents.com.au
or phone 02 9452 7526 (outside Australia + 61 2 9452 7526)