Media and endorsements

Our significant investment in mass media advertising provides great exposure for the shows and increases visitor numbers. That is great news for our exhibitors! This, combined with the hard work of our public relations team, often attracts the attention of local and national live broadcast network studios. Here is an example (right) of this extra coverage, which you can benefit from when you exhibit at one of our craft events:

Computer with Publicity Video

Watch this short video: NBN TV News coverage at the 2015 Stitches & Craft Show, Newcastle.



“A great experience, I was very impressed with the audience and looking forward to next year already” – Close To My Heart, Melissa Arnold

“The help and advice you have given us have been invaluable. It has saved us from making costly mistakes and I can’t express how nice it is to work with you – we have had some experience with trade shows over the years and you get it right while so many others don’t. You always manage to make it fun.” – Leanne Sheil, European Eyewear

“In the last 12 months we have attended as exhibitors at both the Stitches and Craft and the Craft and Quilt Show run by Expertise Events. We were very green to the Craft industry at the start but were full of new ideas and inspiration to definitely make an impact and we found not only did the team at Expertise Events educate and teach us the finer details of exhibiting but also helped us focus our energy and give us direction for the new ideas that were coming from the US. The whole team over the past 12 months has been great. They are always happy to hear new ideas that we put forward to improve the shows right through from tweaking our stand to look more professional but also supporting us and exposing us to their vast network of fellow crafters when we find new trends in the industry. The Craft industry worldwide has gone through a rapid change in their go to market and pricing structure and as we have spent a lot of time and money educating ourselves on new trends and marketing, Expertise have been right beside us working in partnership to ensure that we can execute. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship as it’s a win for the Expo’s by attracting both new and old crafters looking for that 1 new idea and us as we are two mums who run the business from home.” – I’m A Craftaholic

“We had a great show yesterday, big thank you to Expertise Team!” – Mio, Studio Mio

“I have exhibited at shows under the Stitches & Craft Show banner for 18 years. The opening day of the 2015 Brisbane Show was my best day at Stitches ever! By Sunday night this years show was my best Stitches & Craft Show ever! The marketing team at Expertise Events delivered the crowds that spent up big. This event has inspired and motivated me for the coming year of craft fairs & shows with Expertise. A big thank you to all the team that made it happen.” – Trevor,