whatever your goals are exhibitions can deliver them in a powerful, measurable and cost-effective way.


If you supply products, goods and/or services relating to the craft industry, you will gain a competitive edge by getting face-to-face with thousands of craft lovers all under one roof. You can introduce your product to them, allowing them to touch, test, see, learn and hear about their benefits, and develop a relationship with them that can last long after the show.

An exhibition brings the mountain to Mohammed. It is a cost-effective way of drawing your target market to you in one place at the one time


  • It appeals to all five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and what we call the sixth sense, thought

  • It combines all the elements of the promotional mix – advertising, public relations, sales promotion and selling

  • By being there each visitor is a qualified prospect

  • At an exhibition, the passing trade of potential and qualified customers can be measured in the thousands. Whereas in an average retail environment the passing trade is significantly lower, and more than likely not qualified or directly interested in your product or service


Each event is managed in a hands-on way by a senior manager or the company owner. This is part of Expertise Events personal involvement guarantee.

  • Extensive exhibition knowledge coupled with the professionalism of dedicated staff has made Expertise Events a frontrunner in event management in Australia.

  • The company strives for quality, commitment and performance. With that the company’s events have created a premium standard in marketing and service, and command an enviable client loyalty.

  • Expertise Events prides itself on excellent communication with its clients and exceptional value for money for its exhibitors.


We provide exhibitors with extensive promotional support including:

  • FREE event flyers and posters, (link to Promote your Business) web buttons and banners (link Tool Kit), company listing on the event website and visitor guide

  • Opportunities to promote (lnk to Promote your Business) new, unique and exciting products/services, advertise in visitor guides, and conduct workshops at the events

  • For each of our craft events, you will have the opportunity to be included in our preview guide which is sent to our extensive, qualified visitor database.

We also have a committed advertising spend and a dedicated public relations and media team for each event. Plus our key media partners and our qualified visitor database, continue to deliver a large target audience at each event.



See the full 2017 calendar of craft events to help you plan your year.

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